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Heart Beaten Jump (free game loop) Heart Beaten Jump (free game loop)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey! Great song, I was wondering if I could use your song in my dog game?

InDeeperDreams responds:

Hello! Thank you for showing an interest in using my work! I would have no issue with allowing you to display my work (in this case, this particular song) for games rated for everyone and the like. <em>Please, do not display my work on work too violent, containing adult themes, or distribute my work for profit without giving me credit.</em> For songs labeled as "Free Game Music", you may distribute for your own profit, and I seek no shares of it, and only wish to be included in the credits, under music, as "Free Game Music 1 & 2 on Soundcloud", or "InDeeperDreams Free Game Music on Newgrounds". I would also request, if the game is finished and meets the above conditions, that you send me a link to the game hosted site so that I may view my work for personal improvement on future music through example. Thank you again!

AIM - Not You Again... AIM - Not You Again...

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey! I love the CRAP out of your song and I was wondering if in the near future I could use it for a RPG/Adventure rated E type game.

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